Tom Rodriguez Undergoes Therapy After Breakup w/ Carla Abellana?

Tom Rodriguez is currently staying in the States

Kapuso actor Tom Rodriguez reportedly is undergoing therapy after he and actress Carla Abellana ended their relationship.

Tom and Carla’s breakup created a commotion in the entertainment industry in the Philippines. It is because rumors about their breakup circulated just a few months after they tied the knot.

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They had been together for seven years and within this period of time, they haven’t been involved in any major issues in their relationship. This contributed to the shocked reactions from their fans.

When they finally confirmed that they ended their relationship, more controversies surfaced. Carla said that she was betrayed and the wrongdoings of Tom against her and her family continued. For Tom’s part, he clarified that there was no physical abuse that happened.

Based on the article in Pilipino Star Ngayon, one of the reasons for the breakup was the money issue. It was said that a person who Tom Rodriguez considered a friend scammed him and took away his P20 million. The article stated that the actor has already told his friends about this problem.


Tom, reportedly, wanted to earn more which he intended for the rest house that he and Carla aimed to build. However, it was said that the money that came from all of his hard work in showbiz just disappeared.

Previously, based on the article, Tom has already apologized to the groups and organizations he promised to support when he filed for his certificate of candidacy for a representative of a party list.

Currently, the Kapuso actor is in the U.S. and reportedly, he is undergoing therapy because of what happened to his marriage and personal life.

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