Carla Abellana Father Justifies Tom Rodriguez’s Mistake? Netizens React

Netizens reacted to this recent revelation from the father of Carla Abellana

Seasoned actor Rey PJ Abellana revealed the alleged “mistake” that actor Tom Rodriguez did and netizens said that the father of actress Carla Abellana is justifying it.

In an interview on Cristy Ferminute, the showbiz talk show of veteran showbiz reporter Cristy Fermin with Romel Chika, Rey PJ was asked about the relationship problem of Carla and Tom.

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When asked if there was infidelity on Tom’s part, Rey PJ said that he can’t consider it as a third party because what happened was a “one night stand” and this elicited a shock reaction from Cristy.

However, the seasoned actor said that he and Tom did not talk about the alleged issue of money that was rumored as one of the reasons behind the supposed breakup of the couple.

On the other hand, Rey PJ debunked the allegation that Tom is a member of the LGBTQ community. The seasoned actor said that he has no reason to conclude that his son-in-law is gay because he does not believe so.

Regarding the one night stand issue, the father of Carla Abellana said that he understands Tom Rodriguez on this matter because he also experienced being tempted.

“Ako, way back, nangyayari din ‘yan sa akin. Eh, medyo normal po ‘yan sa buhay ng mga lalaki,” Rey PJ said adding that he understands this kind of situation. He also said that for him, being tempted is not a mortal sin. The seasoned actor pointed out that this is a natural thing that is happening in the life of a person.

Obviously, this did not sit well with many netizens. For them, Rey PJ is justifying the mistake that his son-in-law did. Here are some comments from netizens.

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