Steps in Bathing Dog: Guide on How To Bathe Your Dog Properly

List of Steps in Bathing Dog Properly to Obtain the Best Results

STEPS IN BATHING DOG – Here is a guide on how to bathe a dog properly especially if your furbaby is quite very playful.

Many people are dog lovers. These individuals do not only treat their dogs as pets but as fur babies who are part of the family. Their health, safety, and welfare are part of the priorities in the household.

Most fur parents really see to it that they have a lot of stocks of dog food, shampoo, toothpaste, vitamins, and a lot more things that dogs need to stay healthy. They have regular check-ups with a veterinarian as well.

One of the things that fur parents need to do at least once a week is to bathe the dog. There are proper steps in bathing a dog to prevent hassles and lower the risk of accidents in the bathroom.

Steps in Bathing Dog

Based on an article on Daily Paws, here is a list of the steps in bathing a dog:

  • Place your dog in the wash station and you can do it with the help of a treat as positive reinforcement.
  • Dilute the shampoo with water. Most dog shampoos are very thick and concentrated and you can spread them evenly on dog fur by diluting it with water and adding some of the shampoos to a bowl of water.
  • Using warm water, wet your fur baby’s baby except for the face.
  • Put shampoo on your dog’s fur. Rinse it with water and then shampoo him again.
  • Rinse the dog’s fur thoroughly with water and place some conditioner on it. Leave it for a few minutes while gently massaging your dog’s fur.
  • Rinse the conditioner thoroughly.
  • Dip the clothe in water with soap and use it in cleaning the face of your dog. Based on the article, after it, dip the clothe in water alone and use it in rinsing your dog’s face.

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