Bee Sting in Dogs – Guide on Home Remedies To Ease Swelling

Guide on Bee Sting in Dogs Home Remedies

BEE STING IN DOGS – Here is a guide on the home remedies to ease the swelling caused by a sting of an insect on a dog.

Dogs are usually playful creatures except for some breeds that considered to have stubborn personalities. Most dogs most especially puppies love running around, playing with the grass and plants, chasing insects, and making the best out of a sunny day.

However, truth be told that there might be a lot of risks for dogs when they are playing outdoors. Among these are insect bites. Bees are among those that have high chances of getting to dogs.

A bee sting in dogs may cause inflammation. Usually, because it is they are fond of sniffing, dogs’ noses and mouths are often targets of stings but they can also hit other easy targets such as the ears, eyes, and face.

Bee Sting in Dogs

In case of a bee sting in dogs, there are home remedies that can help mitigate the swelling and the itchiness most especially if the incident took place when veterinary clinics are not available.

Based on an article on VCA Animal Hospitals, here are some of the home remedies that you can do to ease the inflammation:

  • Look for the stinger. Bees are the only insects that leave their stingers on their targets. These stingers continue to release venom. You can scrape it using a credit card. Do not use tweezers as they may release more venom from the stinger.
  • Soothe the bite site. Make a thick paste of baking soda and apply it to the affected area. If your dog has multiple bites or stings, you may apply an oatmeal bath to your dog.
  • Ease the swelling. Apply a cold compress to the affected area for 10 minutes to minimize the swelling. You may use a cooling towel for bigger areas.
  • Prevent allergic reactions. You may call your vet and ask for a prescribed oral anti-histamine that you can give to your dog to reduce itchiness, swelling, and the allergic reaction caused by the sting.
  • Maintain hydration. Make sure your dog drinks enough water especially if the affected area is the mouth which might make it hard for the dog to drink. You can assist the dog using a syringe.

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