Kind Lady Netizen Seeks Help for Poor Vendor Diagnosed w/ Multiple Diseases

Netizens Express Sympathy for Poor Vendor Diagnosed w/ Different Diseases

A kind lady netizen is currently seeking help for a poor vendor who works hard although he has multiple health complications.

A Facebook user named Ratchelle Ann Estanilao Reyes has shared the photo of an elderly vendor identified as Tatay Carlito who continues to work despite his medical condition. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Reyes narrated that Tatay Carlito is selling banana muffins in front of Starbucks 34th along Citi Plaza, BGC. The vendor is selling banana muffins, 7 pieces for P100 every 3:00 pm onwards.

Kind Lady Netizen

The elderly vendor revealed that he has poor eyesight and can’t walk every week because of his medical condition. He has a heart inflammation and regularly visits the hospital for treatment and medication.

According to Ratchelle, the hardworking man and his wife have four children to support. The vendor cooks puto twice a day in Caloocan and sells them around Makati and BGC for additional income.

Tatay Carlito and his wife have eye cataracts or glaucoma. Manila Doctors health workers also invite the couple to enroll in Social Service Program to help them with their vision.

The hardworking man’s wife and relatives prefer to accept donations via Gcash because Tatay Lito is alleged prone to cons.

Here is the full post:

“Hi BGC friends,

This is tatay Carlito, he sells banana muffins for a living, 7 pieces for P100. You can find him in front of Starbucks 34th, just across Citi Plaza, BGC. He usually starts selling from 3PM onwards.

He told me he has poor vision and can’t walk very well, his wife doesn’t have work at the moment and they still have three young children to support (ages 5, 6 and 7).

If you can, please do buy from him and support his small venture 

The muffins are very tasty and filling, I swear!



Correction: they have four children, ages 24, 21, 7 and 6

Tatay Lito was recently in and out of the hospital due to heart inflammation. He just got back to selling muffins a few weeks ago.

Both him and his wife may have eye cataracts or glaucoma.

A doctor from Manila Doctors reached out and offered to enroll both of them under their Social Service Program to help with their eyesight.

Tatay cooks puto twice a day in Caloocan and sells them around Makati and BGC.

You can send your donations through Gcash:

Carlo Parcero (son)


His wife and relatives told me that they prefer donations to be sent through Gcash as Tatay Lito is prone to cons because he is already forgetful for his age.

Please do let me know if you have donated, so that I can also track. I’m actively in touch with his family.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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