Senior Citizen Wins Air Fryer After Collecting 36,000 Tickets in a Video Arcade

After collecting 36,000 tickets while playing at a video arcade, a senior citizen took home an air fryer

AIR FRYER – A senior citizen won the trending kitchen appliance after collecting 36,000 tickets in a video arcade at a mall.

air fryer
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A certain Erlinda Isidro, 66, took home an air fryer, which is one of the highly coveted kitchen appliances today.

Isidro, a resident of Pasay City, was able to win the item after collecting 36,000 tickets.

Her daughter Janine Laguidao, 29, shared that playing at the video arcade is one of her mom’s favorite pastimes.

It was on Sunday when Janine posted a photo of her mom holding the air fryer after redeeming it using thousands of tickets.

Her post was accompanied by the caption: “Yung Nanay kong kakalaro sa Tom’s World. Nakapagpalit ng AIR FRYER.”

Her post became viral in the social media community. It generated over 54,000 reactions.

In the video arcade, the challenge is to collect many tickets which are equivalent to points. The prize depends on the number of tickets collected by a person.

For Janine, she’s happy that her mom is enjoying playing at the video arcade.

According to her, her mother plays different kinds of games while at the video arcade.

She noted that she won’t stop her mother playing at the arcade.

“Mas mahalaga po yun para makaiwas po sila sa mga stress at problema po pag nakakapaglibang po sila at nakakapag-enjoy. For good health na din po,” she said.

Air fryer price starts from 3,000 pesos and above.

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