Man Kidnaps Woman He’s Courting After She Rejected Him

After being rejected by the woman he’s courting, the man kidnaps her

FROM COURTING TO KIDNAPPING? – A man kidnapped a woman he’s wooing after the latter rejected him.

courting to kidnapping
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There are different ways how to court a girl or a woman.

Among those are the following; be consistent, respect her, be kind, be a gentleman, take things slow, make her laugh, communicate, learn her culture, meet the parents, and so on and so forth.

However, not all the time a man can win a woman’s heart or in other words be rejected.

That’s exactly what happened to a man in Negros Oriental.

A certain Dionelo Sadiasa is currently being detained at the Mabinay PNP after kidnapping the woman he courted yet rejected him.

Based on the report of Negros Oriental PNP, after the suspect was rejected by the woman he’s courting, who hails from Bayawan City, he forced her to get inside his car and pointed a gun against her.

When the suspect passed by at a police checkpoint in Mabinay, he decided to escape prompting the local authorities to chase him.

Not long after, the police officers cornered him. It was found out that he kidnapped someone and there was a long negotiation that took place before he surrendered.

Mabinay PNP filed illegal possession of a firearm against the suspect while Bayawan PNP charged him with abduction.

Apparently, the suspect did not give any statement as to why he kidnapped the woman whom he courted.

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