Scarlet Snow Wants to Become a Policewoman Someday, Here’s Why

Here’s why Scarlet Snow wanted to become a policewoman when she grow up

SCARLET SNOW – The daughter of Dra. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho shared the reason why she wanted to become a policewoman someday.

Scarlet Snow and Vicki Belo
Photo credit: YouTube/screengrab

The celebrity doctor got a chance to interview her daughter via vlog that was posted on YouTube last May 26.

In the said interview, Scarlet Snow mentioned that she wanted to become a policewoman or a firefighter when she grow up.

But the reason behind it was so cute that will make everyone adore her.

“I was thinking a police, but that’s only just because I want a dog,” she said. “I want to have a dog that’s why I want to be a police or a firefighter because they have dogs!”

In the end, she revealed that all she ever wanted is to become a dog owner.

Dra. Vicki Belo admitted that her unica hija with Hayden Kho really loves animals, especially dogs.

In fact, they have three dogs already that they train.

She even showed in a short video clip how Scarlet Snow teaches one of their dogs some tricks such as sitting, standing and rolling over.

Dra. Vicki also asked Scarlet Snow if she ever wonder why many people wanted to take pictures with her.

The daughter of the celebrity doctors answered it directly and said that people take pictures because she is famous and she is glad whenever she makes other people happy.

Watch the vlog in the video provided below:

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