Kakampink Supporters Donate Extra Foods to Homeless Man

Kakampink Supporters Earn Various Reactions From The Netizens For Donating Extra Foods to Homeless Man

Kakampink supporters reportedly donated their extra foods to an elderly homeless man sleeping beside the street.

Kindness is a quality of a person in being friendly, considerate, and generous to other people. Being helpful is a good characteristic that shows the value, manners, and right conduct of a person.

Unfortunately, many people have forgotten to show kindness due to selfishness and increase of wickedness. However, there are still some individuals who continue to show kindness to everyone.

Kakampink Supporters

A Facebook user named Hersse Dancil Pabalinas has shared the photos of an elderly man sleeping beside the road with the relief goods donated by Kakampink supporters. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the photo, it can be seen that a lot of foods have been placed beside a homeless man sleeping at the side of the road. The kind-hearted individuals donated ready-to-eat foods and drinks.

Pabalinas and his colleagues were heading to the bus terminal when they noticed the goods beside the street dweller. At first, they Hersse thought that the goods were garbage but realized that they were goods.

Hersse said that the goods have been donated by Kakampink supporters. The latter realized that he made the right choice for choosing Leni Robredo as his presidential candidate.

Here is the full post:

just wanna share this,

naglalakad kami papunta sa bus na sasakyan namin pauwi, and may nakita kaming matandang lalaki na natutulog sa gilid ng kalsada. at first, akala namin kalat but then we realized that it was food. and yes, kakampink did that! they gave their extra food to kuya. sana masarap gising niya.

sobrang nakakataba ng puso. and i know at this point that i made the right choice.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Kakampink Supporters

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