Groom Gifts Bride P1M Savings on Wedding Day

Bride receives P1M savings from her groom on their wedding day

P1M SAVINGS – A groom gifted his bride with savings worth 1 million pesos on their wedding day.

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Tying the knot is probably one of the highly anticipated events for a couple. Even this time of the pandemic, a lot of couples pursued to exchange “I do” with their partners.

Preparing a wedding takes a lot of money, time, and effort especially if the nuptial is grandiose.

That’s why it’s rewarding for a couple to receive gifts during their wedding, especially monetary gifts which they could use as they start a new chapter in their life.

But this time, the groom himself was the one who gave his wife a gift on their special day.

Ploy gave savings worth 1 million pesos to his wife Paola on their wedding day.

According to the couple, they are very thrifty with their money and do not buy things they do not need. On their dates, they don’t spend much and on their wedding day, they just invited the people who are close to them in order to save.

Receiving monetary gifts during a wedding is common nowadays.

In fact, just last year a newly wedded couple received a pantomina money cape on their wedding worth 1 million pesos.

It was given by their grandmother who placed it first inside a suitcase and later on surprised the couple with a cape of money which is said to be amounting to 1 million pesos.

What can you say about this report? In case you tie the knot, would you like to receive such a massive gift? Share your thoughts or insights in the comment section below.

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