Security Guard Caught on Camera Harassing Poor Delivery Rider

Security Guard Caught on Camera Harassing Poor Delivery Rider

The video footage of a security guard disrespecting and harassing a poor delivery rider goes viral after it was posted on social media.

Security guards are employees hired by various business establishments or agencies to secure properties, wealth, and individuals. They are usually tasked to implement peace and order under their area of jurisdiction.

Guards are instructed to perform their job properly and observe maximum tolerance at all times. They are also authorized to use their firearms to protect the area in charge of them.

Security Guard

However, security employees should enforce the company’s rules and regulations with love, respect, and consideration towards others.

The Facebook page “JONEL TV” has shared the video of a security guard who shouted and harassed a helpless delivery employee besides the road for an unknown reason. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

Security Guard

In the video, it can be seen that the security guard went near the delivery worker and pushed him. The guard even cursed and bad-mouthed the Lalamove employee during the confrontation. The security personnel eve smashed the rider’s helmet.

However, the Lalamove rider remained calm and refused to fight back. A male citizen intervened and stopped the guard from harassing the poor rider.

Here is the full post:

“Lalamove rider vs. Security guard

wala akong alam sa pangyayari pero mali yung ginawa ng guard.sinira pa ng guard yung helmet.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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