Vlogger from Poland Falls in Love with a Badjao

Love story of a vlogger from Poland and a Badjao

BADJAO – A vlogger from Poland named Damien fell in love with a member of ethnic tribe in the Philippines.

Badjao love story
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The two shared their love story via the GMA-7 magazine show, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS).

They first met at a village in Bohol.

According to Damien, he was blown away when set foot in the said village of Badjao, a local ethnic group.

He was vlogging when he came across a girl in the village named Aico.

Damien said that the first time he saw her, he felt he wanted to stay there for good.

He added that he just wanted to have a conversation with her because of “strong connection.”

On other hand, Aico shared that the first time she met Damien, she felt “love at first sight.”

She also gave a message to those who are calling her “gold digger”, that she’s only after his money because for her, “hindi naman kayang bilhin ng pera ang pagmamahal.”

She stressed that if he doesn’t have lots of money, she will still love him.

Aico is thankful that she met Damien. According to her, it’s difficult to find the person who will love, understand and accept someone like her.

Aico recalled that when she was young, she used to ask for alms from strangers so that they could survive. They don’t have a place to live back then.

Badjao love story
Photo credit to the owner
Badjao love story
Photo credit to the owner

Don’t miss the love story of Damien and Aico on KMJS this Sunday, April 10.

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