Adorable Dog Stays Inside Fridge Due to Hot Weather Condition

Adorable Dog Goes Viral For Hanging Out Inside Fridge Due to Hot Weather Condition

The video footage of an adorable dog that prefer to stay and rest inside of the refrigerator due to hot weather condition goes viral.

During this dry or summer season, many people prefer to stay on cool places or visit malls or other air-conditioned establishments due to the hot weather and humid weather condition in the country.

Aside from humans, animals were also experiencing the same thing. Many of them feel uncomfortable during humid weather condition and prefer to stay in cool places.

Recently, an adorable dog named ‘Lucky’ goes viral online after staying inside the refrigerator due to got weather. The video has been posted by a Facebook user named Aiza Quinones Garcia.

In the video, the dog went near the refrigerator and starts barking. Garcia noticed the dog and opened the fridge but ‘Lucky’ suddenly entered the ref and lied inside. The dog even refused to go out of the fridge.

The fur parent said that Luck loves cool areas. Aiza explained that she do now allow the dog to stay in the refrigerator for too long.

Adorable Dog

The lady netizen was just teasing the dog “May ipis, may ipis” to convince him to leave the fridge.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

Dog has been one of the most popular animal in various regions all across the globe. In fact, a lot of people prefer to adopt dog as their friend because of their adorable appearance and friendly behavior.

Most people adopt dogs as their pets and consider them as a part of their family. Pet owners usually take good care of their dogs.

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