Little Boy’s “Then-And-Now” Photos w/ Pet Dog as Study Buddy Went Viral

Adorable “Then-And-Now” Photos of Little Boy’s w/ Pet Dog as Study Buddy Went Viral

The adorable “Then-And-Now” photos of a little boy together with his pet dog as his study buddy earned praises online.

Dog is one of the most popular animal in various regions all across the globe. In fact, a lot of people prefer to adopt dog as their friend because of their adorable appearance and friendly behavior.

Most people adopt dogs as their pets and consider them as a part of their family. Pet owners usually take good care of their dogs.

Little Boy

A Facebook user named Cath Guillermo Cabarles has shared the photos of her son together with its pet dog as study buddy. The photos circulate online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

The first photo was taken in 2021 wherein the dog named “Bruno” is very clingy to the young boy Clarence. The two seems to be close to each other and the young Bruno was staring Clarence doing his school works.

The second photo was taken in 2022, Bruno grow up so fast but still staring his master performing his school works. It seems that nothing has changed between the closeness of the two.

Little Boy

According to Cabarles, Bruno has been given to their family as a gift, which they considered as a blessing to them.

“Antukin ka pa rin Bruno […] kakaantay mo dyan sa kuya mo para makipaglaro, Para po silang mag kuya […] Sobra po talaga kasi silang close halos sa lahat ng gagawin ng pamangkin ko kasama siya,” Cabarles wrote.

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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