Injured Man Spent $400 for Treatment of Dog That Fakes Injury

Dog Fakes Injury to Show Support for Master, Injured Man Spent $400 for Treatment

A loving dog fakes its injury to show love and support for its disabled master, the injured man spent $400 for its treatment.

Dog is one of the most popular animals in different regions all around the world. It is known as a loyal animal who would stay on their master’s side until the very end. They are loyal to their masters if treated right.

Many people love to adopt dogs as their pets because of its physical appearance and friendly behavior. This animal is also considered as man’s best friend because of their closeness to human.

Injured Man

Recently, a Facebook user named Russell Jones has shared the video footage of himself walking with injuries together with his beloved dog. The video footage garnered various reactions from the online community.

Jones suffered an accident leaving his right leg injured. He also noticed that his dog having a hard time walking as it continued to limp and appeared to be in pain.

The wife of Russell has decided to bring the dog to the veterinarian worrying that their dog might have suffered an injury. The injured man spent £300 or $410 for x-rays and check-ups.

Eventually, the couple discovered that the dog is faking its injury and imitating his master’s action after the vet did not find anything wrong with him.

Basically the next day [after breaking his ankle] as I was limping around the house, Michelle noticed that he was sort of copying me. That rose the concern that there might be something wrong with him, so we phoned the vet,” Russell said.

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