Walden Bello is a “Narco Politician” According to HNP

HNP Believes Walden Bello is a “Narco Politician”

WALDEN BELLO – The Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP) believes that the vice-presidential candidate is a “narco politician” after calling Davao City a center for the drug trade.

Walden Bello
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Bello is running for vice president in the coming elections along with his running mate, presidential aspirant Ka Leody de Guzman.

Previously, the vice-presidential aspirant faced the other VP candidates in the COMELEC debate.

Apparently, only the presidential daughter was absent in the said face-off.

Amid Bello’s criticism of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, he said that the Dutertes are leading the sale of illegal drugs in the said city.

The HNP is concerned about Bello’s statement because the candidate seems to be hiding information from the authorities about the sale of illegal drugs in Davao City

“It can be said that Mr. Bello is a narcopolitician in a way that he withheld information crucial in the government’s anti-drug campaign,” HNP said in a statement.

Because of this, Hugpong ng Pagbabago has requested the authorities to investigate Bello into the extent of his knowledge and involvement in the illegal drug trade in Davao City.

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Bello has yet to issue any statement with regards to the remarks of HNP.

This is not the first time that Walden Bello hit Sara Duterte.

Previously, Bello called the presidential daughter a “coward” following her non-attendance in the CNN vice-presidential debate last February 26.

Despite her non-attendance in the recent debates and forum, Sara maintained as the leading vice-presidential aspirant in the surveys.

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