Hilarious Video of Rooster Chasing Woman Having Vacation at Villa Goes Viral

Rooster Chasing Woman Having Vacation at Villa Circulates Online

The hilarious video of a rooster chasing a woman having a vacation at a villa goes viral after it has been posted online.

Nowadays, a lot of people are spending their free or leisure time on vacations to relax and unwind. They just wanted to stay away from the stress of work and noise of the crowd in the city.

Some of them prefer to stay in beaches and villa to relax. Villa is a structure with front garden or terrace that can be used as a vacation home.


A TikTok user named “leonnd2108” has shared the video footage of a rooster chasing a woman having a vacation at a villa. The hilarious video garnered various reactions from the online community.

A woman named Nabila is having a vacation together with her friends at a villa somewhere in Indonesia. She in enjoying the beautiful view and scenery in the area when she experienced a stressful moment.

Unfortunately, a territorial rooster seems to get pissed due to people breaking the peace in his home. The rooster got mad and ended up chasing the woman swimming pool area up to the second floor of the villa.


The angry rooster chased the woman and targeted her around the grounds and refused to just let her go. The animal run faster prompting Nabila to scream out of fear. Her friends laughed while watching Nabila running.

The rooster stopped chasing Nabila after reaching the second floor of the building.

Watch the video here:

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