Young Lady Proudly Brags Construction Worker Boyfriend

Young Lady Praises Construction Worker Boyfriend for Working Hard Despite Hardships

A young lady proudly bragged her construction worker boyfriend for being a hardworking man just to provide her daily needs.

Nowadays, construction work has been one of the most common jobs not only in the Philippines but also in various countries all around the world. Most of them are engaging in blue collar jobs or hard labor.

However, most construction employees especially helpers or working as assistant to skilled workers are earning quite smaller. They were enduring the scorching heat of the sun and inclement weather condition just to earn money for their loved ones.

Young Lady

Many people are proud of hardworking people enduring the hardships of jobs just to feed their family using clean money.

Recently, the Facebook page “MA Liza” has shared the photos of a woman and her construction worker boyfriend who was eating during that time. The post quickly spreads like a wildfire online and earns reactions from the netizens.

In the photos, it can be seen that the woman is happily striking a pose while taking a selfie together with her beloved boyfriend. The hardworking man was eating his meal while his girlfriend takes a selfie.

Young Lady

The lady is proud of her boyfriend for earning money in a decent way although he is quite dirty and messy when he reached home.

The photos have a caption of:

Proud ako sayo

Kahit construction worker ka, madumi ka pag nauwi, atleast nasa mabuting trabaho ka at malinis sa pamamaraan Ng pera

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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