Adorable Wife Arguing w/ Husband Who Drink w/ Friends Goes Viral

Video of Adorable Wife Having Argument w/ Husband Who Drink w/ Friends Goes Viral

The video footage of an adorable wife having an exchange of argument with her husband after drinking with friends goes viral.

Couples usually show their love and affection for each other frequently. They usually spend intimate moments and happy bonding together to strengthen their relationship throughout the years.

Sometimes couples were having a feud and fight, which is normal to every relationship. However, most of them could settle the issue in an instant.

Adorable Wife

The Facebook page “Usapang Kalye” has shared the video footage of a couple having an exchange of arguments after the guy drink with his friends. The video goes viral and elicits comments from the online community.

In the video, the woman opened the door after hearing her husband knocking. She prohibited her partner to enter the house after exceeding the curfew time, which is 10:00 pm. The man arrived around 10:30 after drinking with his friends.

The mad lady asked several questions to her husband who initially denied drinking with his friends. Eventually, the woman makes her partner speak out the truth and had another set of argument.

The guy even asked his wife to let him enter the house and use the comfort room. The wife still refused to let him in until the husband presented his “Pasalubong”. The woman accepted it but told her husband to sleep outside.

The video has a caption of:

“Hindi ako uminom! sige na miss na miss na kita

Anu ka balbon lulusot ka pa

#tulfoinaction ka ngyun hahaha”

Adorable Wife

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