22-Year-Old Culinary Grad Earns P200k a Month with her Sandwich Business

Sandwich business of culinary grad Jade Cuaresma

JADE CUARESMA – The 22-year-old culinary graduate is now earning P200k a month with her sandwich business.

sandwich business
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Because of the pandemic, many Filipinos lost their source of income.

As a result, they ventured into different kinds of businesses from food, clothing, services, to name a few.

However, not all businesses prosper. That’s why before going into a business, there’s thorough planning, preparation, and processes that need to follow.

Also because of the pandemic, many lost hope to achieve their dreams and aspirations in life.

Among those is a certain Jade Cuaresma, a 22-year-old culinary graduate from General Santos City.

It was in 2020 when Jade finished culinary.

She was supposed to go to Colorado in the US for her internship, however, it did not push through because of the pandemic especially when there were flight restrictions.

This gave her an idea to venture into the sandwich business.

Using her savings worth P100k, she decided to have their old multicab modified and turn it into a food truck.

sandwich business

She set aside P30k to P40 as capital for the sandwiches.

Her Driveway Café is serving sandwiches and among their bestseller is a 16-inch long sandwich.

sandwich business

Currently, she’s earning as much as P200k a month.

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“Pangalawang food truck ko na. Nakaka-happy kasi ang weekly po na sales umaakyat po siya ng PHP30,000 to PHP50,000 a week,” she said.

Jade was featured in the December 11, 2021 episode of Pera-Peraan, a show of GMA News and Public Affairs.

sandwich business

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