22-Year-Old Culinary Grad Earns P200k a Month with her Sandwich Business

sandwich business

Sandwich business of culinary grad Jade Cuaresma JADE CUARESMA – The 22-year-old culinary graduate is now earning P200k a month with her sandwich business. Because of the pandemic, many Filipinos lost their source of income. As a result, they ventured into different kinds of businesses from food, clothing, services, to name a few. However, not all businesses … Read more

86 Burial Attendees Got Hospitalized After Eating Sandwich Served in Catanduanes

Burial Attendees

86 Burial Attendees Got Hospitalized Due to Food Poisoning Around 86 burial attendees got hospitalized after allegedly eating the sandwich served during the event in Catanduanes. Over the past few decades, numerous cases of food poisoning incidents in the country. Some people have been hospitalized and few of them have died after consuming contaminated foods. … Read more