Remember the Daughter of Fisherman, Fish Vendor Who Graduated Magna Cum Laude? This Is Her Life Now

Inspiring story of Regine Villamejor, daughter of fisherman and fish vendor who finished her studies as magna cum laude

REGINE CAÑETE VILLAMEJOR – The daughter of a fisherman and fish vendor who finished her studies as magna cum laude is making rounds online anew.

daughter of fisherman and fish vendor
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At the age of 20, Regine graduated as magna cum laude from the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) in Cebu.

She finished her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Commerce, Major in Communication and Marketing.

Regine came from a poor family. Her father Raul is a fisherman while her mom, Mary Jane, is a fish vendor. She also used to help her mom sell fish every after school.

There was even a time her father told her that he might not support her all throughout her studies, but her dad persevered.

Having high grades helped her to have a 50 percent discount on tuition fees.

In order to save money, she decided to stay at the boarding house near her school but away from her loved ones.

After graduation, she worked in a food manufacturing company in Cebu City.

Recently, she went to social media wherein she recalled her experiences before finishing her studies.

Her post was accompanied by her graduation photo.

Now, she’s supporting the studies of her two other siblings (Ramer who’s a graduating student taking Mechanical Engineering, and Jonard, an incoming 3rd-year college taking Electrical Engineering).

She also ventured into vlogging and she’s busy making inspiring videos at the moment.

She also reminded everyone to be humble on top of all achievements.

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