Ping Lacson: “Nadidiminish ‘yong tulong ‘pag sinamahan ng epal”

Senator Ping Lacson said that being photographed while extending help to people during calamity made him cringe.

PING LACSON — On Friday, Senator Panfilo Lacson maintained that he would rather stay behind the camera instead of being photographed while extending help to people during relief operations.

Ping Lacson

The senator, who is running for president in the 2022 elections, was asked by Professor Antonio Contreras during the DZRH presidential job interview about recent comments regarding his seemingly lacking action on the ground.

To recall, Vice President Leni Robredo was asked during the “political fast talk” segment of “The 2022 Presidential One-On-One Interviews with Boy Abunda” aired last Wednesday to give reasons as to why voters shouldn’t vote for her rivals in the presidential race.

Maraming salita pero kulang sa on-the-ground na gawa,” Robredo said on Lacson.

In reply, the senator said that he has provided immediate help during disasters, even after typhoon Odette pummelled parts of the Philippines last December, but that he just can’t stomach using relief operations for politicking.

According to him, being photographed while extending help to people during calamity made him cringe.

Lacson also said that during the onslaught of typhoon Odette, there were local government officials who informed him about the extensive damage — to which he responded by sending assistance without the public knowing much of it.

Agad-agad, nagpadala kami ng tulong doon pero gusto nga no’ng magdadala, ‘Sir sumama kayo kasi mag-eeleksyon, sabi ko hindi na’,” the senator told the panel. “Mas importante kasi (tumulong), ang feeling ko nadidiminish ‘yong tulong ‘pag sinamahan ng epal.

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Robredo, who is also running for president in the 2022 election, admitted on Thursday that her outright criticism of her fellow presidential candidates would ruffle feathers and would elicit strong reactions.

However, the Vice President explained that she was asked the question and just had to answer it “in my honest opinion” as she didn’t want to appear evasive during the interview.

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