Lotlot de Leon Slammed by Netizen for Skipping Family Reunion at Mom Nora Aunor’s House

Here’s the response of Lotlot de Leon to netizen criticizing her for skipping family reunion at Nora Aunor’s house

LOTLOT DE LEON – The actress responded to a critic who slammed her for skipping a family reunion at the house of mom Nora Aunor.

Lotlot de Leon family issue
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Last January 8, 2022, the Superstar had a post-Christmas and New Year celebration after her kids Ian, Matet, Kiko, at Kenneth de Leon visited her.

Apparently, only Lotlot was missing in the said family gathering.

Earlier this week, she went to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein she posted a photo of herself accompanied by the caption: “Hakuna Matata” which means “no problem.”

It was then flooded with positive remarks but one netizen seemed to be unhappy with her post.

The netizen even told her: “Matigas talaga puso noh?”

Lotlot de Leon family issue

Instead of getting pissed off, Lotlot calmly responded with the netizen’s criticism.

She said: “ay! Ang puso mo hinay hinay po.. Pero teka Baka kulang pa po sasabihin nyo? Wala na po ba kayo idadagdag sa panghuhusga nyo? Okay.. noted po! Noted na noted po!”

Myria Dufresne, the actress’s sister with her biological father, Donald Lee Olson, also came to defend her.

Lotlot, on the other hand, thanked her sister.

Lotlot de Leon family issue

Meanwhile, Lotlot is an adopted daughter of Nora with her ex-husband, Christopher de Leon.

While Ian de Leon is the biological child of Nora and Christoper.

Aside from Lotlot, the superstar also has other adopted children namely Matet, Kenneth, at Kiko.

Nora Aunor has yet to issue any statement regarding this matter.

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