Lotlot de Leon Gives Opinion About Being an Adopted Child

Lotlot de Leon not ashamed of being adopted

LOTLOT DE LEON – The actress gave an opinion about being an adopted child.

Lotlot de Leon
Photo credit: Lotlot/Instagram

Lotlot is an adopted daughter of the former couple, Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon.

Aside from Lotlot, the ex-couple also have other adopted children namely Matet, Kenneth, at Kiko de Leon while Ian is their biological son.

According to Lotlot, she’s not ashamed of being an adopted child but she stressed that she’s also a human being.

On the other hand, she’s thankful for what’s happening with her life “because those are what molded me to be who I am today!”

Apparently, Lotlot did not explain the cause of her “hugot.”

But previously, she responded to a Noranian over her absence in their recent family gathering at Nora’s house.

Apparently, Lotlot was the only one missing in the said reunion.

The netizen told Lotlot that if Nora did not adopt her, she might not be where she is today.

It is said that Nora and Lotlot are having a rift.

Meanwhile, Ian de Leon reacted to the post of Lotlot about being an adopted child.

Lotlot de Leon

It is clear that the actor is chiding at those who are looking down on adopted children.

Ian said that he will remain with Lotlot no matter what.

A Noranian replied and plead to Ian to become the bridge to finally settle their issue.

Ian responded, making a clarification about their family.

The actor said that although they are not perfect, they are okay with each other. It seems that Ian is trying to convey that they are as well a normal family.

Ian pleads to the fan to understand their situation.

Lotlot de Leon

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