Ex-Partner of Dagul’s Son Seeks Help of Raffy Tulfo

Son of Dagul on Tulfo

SUE ELLENE PAEZ – The ex-partner of Dagul’s son sought the help of Raffy Tulfo through the latter’s public service program.

Dagul son issue
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Sue wanted to take his kids who are under the custody of Dagul’s family.

According to her, the comedian’s son is beating her and has done it several times.

Her partner also doesn’t have work and is even into gambling.

Apparently, she’s the one being forced to pay for her partner’s debt due to gambling.

Even during her online class, her students witnessed how her ex-partner cursed at her because of the internet connection.

Because of this, she was prompted to leave her kids under the custody of Dagul’s family but in a temporary manner.

She claimed that she’s having a hard time getting her children for the possible negative reaction of her ex-partner and Dagul’s family.

Jhero Pastrana, the other son of Dagul- whose real name is Romeo Pastrana, said they actually wanted to give Sue’s kids to her but she allegedly told them that she will be the one who will get her children this year.

On the other hand, Jhero admitted that his brother is beating Sue as well as his gambling issue.

Unfortunately, Dagul did not give a statement regarding the issue.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, netizens gave mixed comments on the issue involving the son of comedian Dagul.

One of the netizens said: “Parang may ugali din si ate.. look at her face Everytime na may sinasabi si sir raffy , parang na iinis sya pag kampi sa ex nya ang sinasabi ni sir raffy.”

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