DOTr Asec Libiran Faces Maid Who Stole All her Money, Jewelry

The face-off of Asec Libiran and her ex-maid who stole her money and jewelry

GODDES LIBIRAN – The assistant secretary of the Department of Transportation faces off the maid who took all her money and jewelry.

Libiran vs maid
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Previously, the DOTr Asec took to social media wherein she shared an unfortunate incident that happened before she returned home after her booster shot.

Apparently, she found out that all her money and pieces of jewelry were stolen by their maid/house helper.

According to her, their house helper left around 1:30 PM on Sunday, to buy onion and garlic. However, she did not return, taking all her money and jewelry.

The maid was identified as Marilou Fernandez (FB Account: Jhearjazz Senlabay, and also known as Marilou Mislang, Malou Mislang, Marilyn Morales, Malou Batuhan), 55 years old.

Her current address is at Jenny’s Ave., Rosario, Pasig City while her provincial address is Mangaldan, Pangasinan. She was hired through the Southmaids Agency.

Libiran tried to reach out to the agency where the suspect came from, however, she only received an inappropriate reply.

But with the help of authorities, the suspect is now behind bars.

Watch the video below:

Libiran took time to personally see her former maid and gave her “sermon.”

The DOTr Asec lambasted the suspect and even mentioned her past record. According to her, the latter was involved in robbery before.

Apparently, while the assistant secretary is addressing the suspect, the latter remained silent.

The suspect might face another count of robbery.

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