Former Balut Vendor Becomes Engineer After Years of Hardwork

Former Balut Vendor Now Becomes Engineer After Years of Hardwork

A former balut vendor identified as Benny Tomas becomes a licensed sanitary engineer after years of hard work and sacrifices.

Benny Tomas who is a resident of Cagayan has shared his inspiring story on social media. The 25-year-old man sold balut or fertilized duck eggs just to earn money to support his family and studies.

The vendor’s parents are both farmer in the town of Lal-lo in Cagayan province and he is the fifth of the nine siblings. Tomas narrated that in his family no one had finished school yet, so he decided to finish his education.

Former Balut Vendor

The young man has witnessed the hardships and difficulties experienced by his family in Cagayan. The former vendor revealed that there are times they didn’t get to eat for having no food on the table.

The guy felt the determination and perseverance to take his family out of poverty so he went to Ilocos Sur to study at the University of Northern Philippines. He turned to selling ‘balut’ to support his needs.

The latter usually spends about up to three hours a day working. Sometimes it was fun but there were times he wanted to give up. He also thanked God for never leaving him in his journey.

After years of hard work and diligence, the vendor graduated and eventually passed the licensure examinations for sanitary engineers. His mom is proud of him for being a good and hard working person.

Benny is planning to work in Ilocos Sur to help his two younger sibling. He proves that success is as sure as eggs is eggs.

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Former Balut Vendor

His story garnered various reactions from the netizens:

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