Balut Vendor Gets Hit By A Motorcycle in Bago City

A motorcycle rider hit balut vendor’s wheeled cart in Bago City.

A certain post caught the attention of the netizens when a motorcycle rider hit balut vendor’s wheeled cart in Bago City.

This, after a certain netizen, who was present during the incident, uploaded photos on his Facebook account.

With timestamps at around 5:43 in the afternoon of February 21, the incident happened when a balut vendor got struck by a motorcycle while he was selling balut and mani at Bantayan Park in Bago City.

According to the uploader, no one, even a balut vendor himself, was injured after the incident, adding that the motorcycle rider drove away without paying for damages caused by the incident. In addition, the uploader revealed that the motorcycle rider was drunk during that time.

Balut Vendor
Photo from JusTine Marquez Maprangala

Netizens who saw the incident have saddened by the vendor. Here are some of the comments:

When asked about the vendor’s current condition, one of the netizens in the comments section said that he was okay, yet he was not okay with his mani and balut as he only got a percentage of his income through his products that he was selling.

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