Unidentified Suspects Harassed 23-Year-Old Mom Inside Her Own House

Unidentified Suspects Abused and Killed 23-Year-Old Mom Beside Her Daughter

A 23-year-old mom identified as Anna Carmella Soterio passed away after she was harassed and abused by unidentified suspects.

Soterio has been found dead inside her own house at Purok 1, Poblacion, Sta. Elena in Camarines Norte after she has been killed by unidentified suspects. Her remains have been found by her parents on Tuesday morning (October 12, 2021).

The victim’s parents visited their daughter’s home to invite her to buy construction materials. The parents keep on knocking the door and calling their daughter for a couple minutes but no one responds.

23-Year-Old Mom

The family decided to open the door and found Carmella’s lifeless body while her four-year-old daughter peacefully sleeps. Anna’s parents check the girl and suffered no injuries amid the incident.

Anna’s mom said that her daughter has no enemies because she only stays inside the house most of the time. The victim’s wallet containing P10, 000, mobile phone and some appliance gone missing.

The authorities also noticed a hole at the back of the house, which was created by the suspects to enter the home. The victim’s partner is working in Manila when the incident happened.

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23-Year-Old Mom

Sta. Elena Municipal Police Station chief Police Major Kim Lawrence Arenas said that the suspects are monitoring the victim’s activity for a couple of days before implementing their illegal activity.

The authorities also found out that the residents in the village are mostly blood-related. Male residents in the area are currently considered as suspects. The cops continue to investigate the incident.

23-Year-Old Mom

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