Fabel Pineda: Cops Harassed & Abused Beautiful Teenager, Eventually Killed Her

Cops Reportedly Harassed and Abused Beautiful Teenager Named Fabel Pineda, Eventually Killed Her

FABEL PINEDA – A riding-in-tandem assassins gunned down a beautiful teenager who filed charges against cops who allegedly abused her.

A 15-year-old lady identified as Fabel Pineda together with his uncle and cousins have died after suffering gunshots while heading to their house in Brgy. Daclapan, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur last Thursday (July 2, 2020).

Cabugao Police Station P/Captain Ramil Llarenas said that riding-in-tandem assassins shot Pineda around 6:30 in the evening. The victim was rushed to a private hospital but she eventually died after sustaining multiple gunshots in different parts of her body.


Llaneras explained that the gunmen are really targeting Fabel who recently filed molestation charges against a person who allegedly abused and harassed her.

The Facebook page “I Do Not Consent” reported the 15-year-old victim has been allegedly abused by two policemen from San Juan, Ilocos Sur. The young lady filed charges against the cop at the Cabugao police station.


Fabel Pineda also requested the Cabuga police to escort her until they reach home but the cops refused to do so. Unfortunately, she was gunned down on her way home.


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