Paolo Contis Claim of August 28 Vaccination Date Disproved by Netizens

Vaccination date of Paolo Contis

PAOLO CONTIS – Netizens disproved the claim of the award-winning actor that he got vaccinated on August 28.

Paolo Contis
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Recently, the actor took to social media wherein he broke his silence on his separation from LJ Reyes.

In his lengthy post, he admitted that there was a third party involved. But he cleared the name of actress Yen Santos, his co-star in the hit movie, A Faraway Land, who’s rumored to be his other woman.

The actor went on to address viral photos and a video of him with an unidentified woman taken in Baguio City.

He noted that when LJ left for the US, he went to Baguio for three (3) days to take his mind off some things.

He invited Yen for a day “para may makausap since malapit lang siya.” According to him, Yen was there “as a friend”.

Yen Santos has yet to break her silence following claims she’s the third-party in the Paolo-LJ breakup.

Reports surfaced that Paolo Contis spent more than 3 days in Baguio.

But he clarified to talent manager Ogie Diaz that last August 28 he got vaccinated in Caloocan. Two days later, he had a taping for Bubble Gang and the following day for Dear Uge.

Meanwhile, netizens disprove the claims of Paolo that he got vaccinated on August 28.

In a post retrieved by the entertainment website, Fashion Pulis, Paolo allegedly posted a photo during his vaccination dated August 9.

Netizens believed that Paolo Contis got vaccinated on August 9 and not August 28.

However, netizens commenting on the article, said that the first date might have been the time he received his first dose and the latter was for his second dose.

Apparently, only Paolo Contis could reveal the date/s of his vaccination. It’s also stated on his vaccination card/certificate the date he got the shots.

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