Giselle Sanchez Gives Advice to her Fellow Moms Amid Pandemic

Here’s an advice of Giselle Sanchez to her fellow mothers amid the pandemic

GISELLE SANCHEZ – The actress-host/comedienne has a piece of advice to her fellow moms on how to avoid anxiety or distress amid the pandemic.

Giselle Sanchez
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The stress of social isolation, worrying about jobs, money, and health, and the profound feelings of loss can trigger depression.

When you’re suffering from depression, life seemed to be hopeless. It can interfere with your ability to think straight, drain your energy, and make it difficult to get through the day.

During the September 6 episode of Magandang Buhay wherein she appeared on the show with Nikki Valdez at Hasna Cabral, she said that keeping oneself busy is an effective tool to stress out.

In her words, Giselle cited the saying that the “devil’s playground is an idle mind.” What she meant is that when a person does nothing all day long, the devil somewhat works by telling a person negative things that will cause anxiety and depression.

“‘Yung ‘oh wala ka ng pera, ano na ang mangyayari sa iyo? Wala ka ng trabaho, ano na ang mangyayari sa iyo?’ Kung ano-anong bulong ng kalaban,” she said.

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Since the pandemic, Giselle focused on teaching her kids and taking care of her family.

As a mother, she stressed that it would be better to limit children’s time when it comes to using the gadget to ward off illness.

According to her excessive use of gadgets can trigger a certain condition such as having an epileptic attack.

She noted that in order to avoid such, set a schedule for kids when it comes to using a gadget for example giving them only two (2) hours to use the gadget and after that taking a rest, eat, talk or play a game without using a gadget.

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