Resort Criticized Due to Allegedly Discriminating a Transgender Woman

Transgender woman discriminated at a resort?

DISCRIMINATION – Isla Reta Beach Resort earned the ire of netizens particularly members of the LGBT community after a transgender woman claimed that she was prohibited to use the female comfort room.

transgender discrimination at resort
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A certain Shannon Remotigue Gonzaga took to social media wherein she made a rant against the resort.

According to her, she felt disrespected by the incident although she has since explained to an employee that she’s a transwoman and not gay.

“I educated her, saying that I am a transwoman, not gay, because I have been taking hormones since 18. In the first place, I never insisted that I am a woman and I should be allowed inside the female’s bathroom because I just wanted to take a shower,” she said as translated from her local dialect.

The employee even urged her to show proof that she has undergone an operation proving that she’s already a woman.

Gonzaga then approached the resort manager but it seems that the latter sided with the employee after the manager stressed that gays are strictly forbidden in women’s CR.

Shannon explained that she did not complain because she was not allowed into the female restroom, but said she felt disrespected by the resort staff.

Meanwhile, the resort said in a Facebook post that it will no longer accept transgender people to avoid the issue of discrimination.

“We inform to the public we cannot accommodate transgender because we have no facility for them to avoid issues of discrimination,” it said.

As expected, netizens did not like it. Some even said that the resort should be closed due to the alleged homophobicity of its management.

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