Pinoy-Norwegian Chef Calls Filipino Food ‘Very Bad Food’ on TV

Jonathan Romano on Filipino food: “It’s very bad food… Unfortunately.”

JONATHAN ROMANO – The Pinoy-Norwegian chef called Filipino food “very bad food” on TV.

chef on Filipino food
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In the Norwegian TV program 4-stjerners middag (4-star dinner), one of the guests is Filipino-Norwegian chef Jonathan Romano.

4-stjerners middag is a weekly program featuring four celebrities, and each will cook dishes to be tasted thereafter.

Romano, on the other hand, is a sushi chef, restaurateur, and judge at MasterChef Norway.

During his guesting which aired last April 29, 2021, he described traditional Filipino cuisine as “darlig mat” or in other words, very bad food.

“It’s very bad food. In the eyes of a chef, there is no food art in my eyes, unfortunately,” he said in the Norwegian language as translated to English.

“Lots of deep-fried, lots of fried-to-death stuff like casserole dishes. If you can put it that way, they do not have the same taste composition as Thai food. Filipino food is more on the sour side,” he added.

Meanwhile, Romano is currently making rounds online following his statement on Pinoy food despite the fact he is partly a Filipino.

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