Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff Share Details About Their Married Life

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff shared more details about their married life.

Actress-host Anne Curtis and chef Erwan Heussaff recently shared more details about their married life in their relationship Q&A video.

Erwan and Anne
Photo source: GMA Entertainment

In a report on GMA Entertainment, Anne and Erwan had a tell-all video answering questions about their relationship.

One of the first questions Anne and Erwan answered was about who made the first move when they first became friends. According to Erwan, he thought he did the first move.

Anne then shared that Erwan usually did the food planning and surprised her for breakfast or lunch.

When asked about their sleeping habits, Erwan shared that he’s getting more sleep as he woke up earlier and so he took the morning shift and Anne took the night shift.

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While both Anne and Erwan loved working out and staying active, Erwan tend to be more consistent and dedicated to keeping his healthy lifestyle.

Anne then admitted that she got moody when she’s hungry. When asked who got grumpy when hungry, Anne admitted that she’s always “hangry” and Erwan knew it.

Erwan also described how they chose what to eat. According to him, he always knew what he wanted to eat and Anne never knew what she wanted to eat.

So a lot of times I give her a deadline to decide. So if she can’t make up her mind within 30 minutes, I end up eating what I want to eat. Then bahala siya,” Erwan said.

The relationship Q&A was part of the promotional campaign of Century Tuna Superbods wherein Anne and Erwan were included.

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