Kyline Alcantara Shares What “Bad Habits” She Wanted To End This Year

Kyline Alcantara shared what “bad habits” she wanted to end this year.

In her latest vlog on her YouTube channel, Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara recently shared what “bad habits” she wanted to end this year.

Kyline Alcantara
Photo source: GMA News Online

Kyline recently revealed the bad habits she would end this year. In her latest vlog, she shared that she wasn’t able to prevent stress-eating now that she’s in college. Also, she wasn’t able to prevent ordering foods online during the pandemic season.

Acccording to her, she would start eating “home-cooked meals” because those foods were the ones she didn’t eat much last 2020.

In addition, she wanted to avoid getting procrastinated as she believed that it’s always “now or never” and she needed to know the things she should prioritize.

Kyline was also learning to seek help from other people and also wanted to be consistent in her workout.

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She also stressed that she would avoid eating oily or fatty foods.

According to her, she got pimples when she ate oily or fatty foods, and that was one of the things that she wanted to end by 2021.

Kyline recalled her struggles with having acne wherein she covered her face with her hair and used concealers and foundations in order for her to keep it from being seen by other people.

She also experienced bashing and bullying because of having an acne on her face and shared that she had learned to accept her imperfections.

Even though I have imperfections there, I am still confident with all my imperfections,” Kyline said.

You can watch her vlog below:

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