Several Delivery Riders Victimized by Fake Booking in Quezon City

Heartless Client Scams Several Delivery Riders Through Fake Booking

Several delivery riders expressed their disappointment after they have been victimized by a fake booking in Quezon City.

Nowadays, a lot of delivery riders are expressing their sentiments against heartless customers who repeatedly canceling orders and making fake booking. Most of them loses money whenever customers would refuse to accept the order.

Delivery workers usually endures the hardships and difficulty of their job just to earn money for their families but some people seems to be heartless and kept on scamming the riders.

Several Delivery Riders

A Facebook user named Yme has shared the photos of some delivery riders who have been victimized by a fake booking and fake order. The post goes viral online and garnered different reactions from the netizens.

The heartless customer identified as Perry Agustin/ PREYY AGUSTIN is the one who allegedly made the fake booking at Brgy. Pinyahan in Quezon City, Manila. The culprit victimizes courier companies such as Grab, Food Panda, Lalamove and other firms.

Several Delivery Riders
Several Delivery Riders

Here is the full post:

“ANG TARGET NAMAN NGAYON umaga lang FOOD PANDA po Name “ Perry Agustin/ PREYY AGUSTIN “ loc 19 Masigasig St. Brgy. Pinyahan Fake order nanaman po! nakakalimang riders napo ngayon umaga.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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