Delivery Rider Expresses Gratefulness Towards Lady Customer

Kind Lady Customer Shows Kindness Towards Delivery Rider

A delivery rider expressed his gratefulness towards the lady customer who showed him an act of appreciation.

Delivery employees are experiencing hardships and difficulties in job just to deliver the orders of their customers. Some of them are even experiencing fake bookings and loses income instead of earning.

However, there are still some customers who could still appreciate the efforts and hardships of delivery workers. Some of them are treating the riders with food to show their appreciation.

Delivery Rider

A social media user named Rommer Tolentino has shared his photo together with a female customer who gave him food. The post is circulating online and earns comments from the online community.

In the photos, it can be seen that the delivery rider is holding a meal given by his kind-hearted female customer. The generous lady showed her appreciation towards the rider who works hard just to earn money amid the pandemic.

Based in the photo, the kind lady has been identified as Meleesa Clarin. The two were happily striking a pose on the camera after the transaction.

Delivery Rider

Here is the full post:

thank you mam sa pa food nyo po skin godbless po sau na appreciate nyo po kmi mga rider”

The netizens expressed their reactions to the post:

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