Jackie Rice and her ‘Pandemic Boyfriend’ Breakup

Jackie Rice confirmed she and her “pandemic boyfriend” are now separated

JACKIE RICE – The actress-model revealed in a comment that she and her pandemic boyfriend have broken up.

Jackie Rice and her Pandemic Boyfriend
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It was just last year when she made a buzz online following her relationship with still unknown guy with some naming him as her “pandemic boyfriend.”

But in her posts on the social networking site, Facebook, she made a hint that their relationship has ended.

“Kapag asawa na kita gigisingin kita ng madaling araw at tatanunging kung tulog ka na. Kaso single na ako ulli, so gising lang ako at moooh mooooooh.”

In another post, she wrote as the caption: “When you know your worth, you don’t lose people. People lose you.”

Finally, she confirmed in a comment that she and her boyfriend are already separated.

The netizen asked: “Kelan pa kayo nag break nung jowa mo po? Nawala din yung photo nyo together sa IG mo. Fan nyo pa naman ako.”

To which she replied.: “Last year pa po.”

The identity of her pandemic boyfriend remains unknown despite she has been posting some snaps of them last year.

Jackie Rice has been in a relationship with a non-showbiz guy named Andrew Lopez and actor Biboy Ramirez before she had a relationship with her “pandemic boyfriend.”

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