Twitter Eyes Adding Emoji Reactions To Tweets

Twitter considered adding emoji reactions to tweets just like Facebook did.

Twitter considered adding emoji reactions to tweets as the company had been recently working on several new features to its platform.


In a report on 9to5Mac, Twitter had recently been working on several new features. Currently, Twitter was considering implementing emoji reactions for other tweets.

As noted by The Verge, Twitter had been sending out a survey to a small number of users in which the company showed a new reaction system that might be added to the platform.

The said design was similar to Facebook’s reactions, which let its users react to a certain post with an emoji — including sad, happy, and angry faces.

In the said survey, Twitter showed some mockups of the new reaction system and asked users which one they preferred.

Twitter was also looking for a way in order to let users make it clear that they disliked a tweet, while also being concerned about how users would feel about the said feature.

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In another question in the survey, Twitter asked how the user would react to receiving a dislike or downvote on Twitter and one of the answers available was “I may hesitate to Tweet in the future for fear of receiving negative reactions.

It’s worth noting that the said feature hadn’t been implemented on Twitter so far, and it wasn’t clear whether the company would actually add the said feature to the social network, which was the reason why they’re asking users what they think about the said feature.

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