Twitter Confirms Working On A Button To “Undo” Fresh Tweets

Twitter confirmed that the company was working on a button to “undo” fresh tweets.

Twitter on Friday (Saturday, Manila time) confirmed that the company was currently working on a button that would allow users to “undo” fresh tweets after sending.

Twitter button fresh tweets

Twitter confirmed that the company was working on a certain button that would give users a chance to take back their freshly fired-off tweets before they’re posted.

While the said feature wouldn’t be an “edit button” long clamored for by users on Twitter, the said feature would provide a brief window of opportunity of several seconds in order to “undo” a tweet after sending.

We can confirm we are testing this feature,” a Twitter spokesperson said in response to an AFP inquiry.

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The said feature would be in addition to the delete function, but it would prevent a tweet from appearing on a user’s timeline. Google’s free Gmail service provided a similar chance to reconsider e-mails being sent.

Twitter announced that it would be testing products throughout the year and some would “hopefully” be rolled out.

Aside from this, Twitter said at an annual meeting of investors that Twitter was working on a new “Super Follows” service as it searched for new revenue streams beyond targeted advertising.

The company aimed to reach a milestone of 315 million “monetizable” Twitter users in 2023 — a steep increase from the 192 million users Twitter had at the end of 2020, according to a filing with United States financial markets regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Also, Twitter planned to double “development velocity,” meaning the number of new features Twitter released per employee to get people to engage more with the service.

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