Carla Abellana, Mikael Daez Reveal Coney Reyes’ Real Attitude in the Set

Carela Abellana, Mikael Daez Speak About Coney Reyes

CARLA ABELLANA – The Kapuso actress and actor Mikael Daez revealed the real attitude of veteran actress Coney Reyes in the set.

One of the television series that was ongoing when the COVID-19 pandemic started is GMA-7’s romance-drama soap opera Love of My Life. It is directed by Don Michael Perez and starred by Coney Reyes, Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez, Mikael Daez, and Rhian Ramos.

In the said TV series, Coney plays the role of Isabella Gonzalez, a wealthy widow who has two (2) sons – Stefano (Tom) and Nikolai (Mikael). In the initial episode, she does not share a good relationship with Nikolai.

Stefano met Adelle (Carla), a single mother. They fell in love with each other and eventually married. They had lots of dreams in life but one big challenge came their way shortly after their wedding – he’s diagnosed with a terminal disease.

The treatment of Stefano did not go well until he decided to just go home and spend time with his family. He has a son with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly (Rhian) and a stepson with Adelle.

The last days of Stefano gathered the people close to his heart. His death is a huge heartbreak to Isabella and Adelle. Meanwhile, the family tried to cope and face life together in honor of their promises to Stefano.

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Love of My Life is set to end this March. Coney Reyes is undeniably one of the actresses that a lot of actors and actresses look up to and wants to work with in the industry. Her co-stars, Carla Abellana and Mikael Daez, made a revelation about her in the set.

Based on a report on Pep, both Carla Abellana and Mikael Daez revealed that Coney Reyes is a happy person in the set. She keeps on laughing and they really enjoy working together.

According to Mikael, it’s really hard for him to be scared to someone who is like Coney who keeps on laughing in the set. He even revealed that they were scolded by their assistant director as they are very happy off-cam and they needed to shoot already.

Based on the article, they would wait for all their good vibes to die down for the heavy scenes. As to Carla Abellana, she admitted that she was intimated by Coney Reyes at first but it eventually faded.

“Mahilig ho siyang tumawa. Super nakapa-down to earth ni Tita Coney,” the actress expressed.

Carla said that it is really a big thing that Coney agreed to be back on taping even amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She stressed that the set of Love of My Life will be incomplete without her and they cannot go on with the story well.

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