Mikael Daez reveals how he reacted to ‘Diva’ remark against Megan Young

Mikael Daez shared this about his wife Megan Young

In the recent vlog of Mikael Daez and Megan Young, they talked about the ‘diva’ remark against the actress-beauty queen.

Mikael said that he heard negative remarks about his wife during the early stage of their relationship. As they were in the same showbiz circles, the actor said that he would hear comments about Megan.

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He said that there was someone who told him that Megan was “suplada” and that she was a “diva”. “So those two words were specifically the two words that I heard,” Mikael Daez said.

Then, his reaction was, “Really?” The actor also shared what that person told him: “Yeah. She has [her] makeup done, she has her resting “b” face on. She just wasn’t pleasant to work with.” 


Mikael said that he did not dwell on that negative comment about his partner but he put it at the back of his head.

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In line with this issue, Megan Young admitted her past unpleasing attitude, based on the article from PEP. “I wasn’t pleasant to work with when I was much younger. Siguro I was, like, around 18-19, maybe 20 [years old],” the Kapuso actress said.

She thought that she was just being vocal of what she felt but she did not realize that it had a different impact to the people around her.


Then, she finally learned that there is a nice way to speak her mind and to tell other people what she does not like. Her personal assistant was the one who told her frankly the negative comments about her.

After realizing that mistake, the wife of Mikael Daez apologized to the people who felt bad because of her “diva” attitude.

“At the end of the day, I wasn’t being a nice person. I wasn’t being a good person and I didn’t have the proper guidance from the people around me at that time,” Megan Young said.

What can you say about this?

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2 thoughts on “Mikael Daez reveals how he reacted to ‘Diva’ remark against Megan Young”

  1. Well, I have strong feeling that Megan is a nice person though, maybe, her attitude is not excellently nice but, at least, she admits mistakes. And realizing is a sign of a well-being person.

    We can’t please everybody because none of us, in this world, is perfect.

  2. To me she is good at least now she knows how to accept her wrong side. And she knows how to apologise that’s more important of being a person.


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