Viral Dance Craze “Pajama Party” on Tiktok Trends Globally

Viral Dance Craze “Pajama Party” Becomes a Global Trend

The viral TikTok dance craze “Pajama Party” becomes one of the trending videos in the Philippines and now a global trend.

Over the past few weeks, the “Pajama Party” dance craze becomes one of the most trending TikTok videos. The dance craze started after a TikTok user named Vanjoe Lazaro posted a video of himself making a choreography to the song.

Lazaro’s video goes viral and even most popular Filipino celebrities have also posted their own renditions of Pajama Party dance. The track climbed number one on TikTok Philippines’ trends and hold the top spot until January 18, 2021.

Viral Dance Craze

The viral dance craze trends online because of its catchy lyrics “Pamparampampam sarap sa pakiramdam”. The track has been popularized by the underground hip hop group 1096 Gang.

Filipino celebrities including Andrea Brillantes and Ivana Alawi have also posted their own versions of Pajama parties. Other popular TikTok influencers and even ordinary citizens have joined the trend.

Eventually, the viral TikTok dance trends globally after TikTok creators from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Korea made their own renditions.

Here is the video of original songs:

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