Can Dogs Eat Corn?

Wondering Can Dogs Eat Corn? Here’s A Guide

CAN DOGS EAT CORN – Here is a guide on whether or not you may give your furbabies some corn.

Usually, dog owners find their furry babies’ eyes sticking to their food when they are eating. This look makes it hard for furparents to say “no” – but this should really be done on foods not good for them.

There are foods that may not harm humans but are not good for dogs. In some cases, it can cause a stomach upset but things may get to the “fatal” side for toxic foods.

To ensure your dog’s safety, it is important to double check whether something is good for them or not. Let us talk about corn.

Can dogs eat corn - Dog Health

Can dogs eat corn? Yes, corn is a delicious snack for dogs as most types of corns are packed with nutritional benefits. It contains carbohydrates, protein, antioxidants, and linoleic acid among others.

However, there are considerations in giving corn to your furry babies. It is not advised to give corn on the cob to dogs as ingesting the cob may lead to a serious blockage in its intestine.

Also, dogs can eat corn in the form of popcorn provided that it is plain, air-popped corn without salt, butter, or another flavor. Make sure that all the kernels you are giving your dog are popped as it may cause stomach upset if not.

Corn is a good treat for dogs – just make sure you take all the considerations for the safety of your furry babies. Aside from this healthy grain, there are several other human foods that can truly be beneficial for dogs like apple.

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