Loving Dad Appeals for ‘En Pointe’ Prosthetic for His Ballerina Daughter

Loving Dad Asks Netizens To Help His PWD Ballerina Daughter to Acquire ‘En Pointe’ Prosthetic

A loving dad goes viral on social media after appealing for an ‘En Pointe’ prosthetic for his ballerina daughter.

A Twitter user named Christopher Hope has shared the video footage of his daughter dancing ballet using a prosthetic leg with foot fixes in the pointe shape. The video earned reactions from the online community.

Christopher’s 15-year-old daughter identified as Pollyanna Hope lost her leg due to an accident when she was 2 years old. She has been struck by a bus along a sidewalk in Mortlake, south London.

Loving Dad

The accident took the life of Pollyana’s grandmother and caused a serious injury to her mom. The little girl tried to live a normal life after the accident and used prosthetics to help her mobility.

The young girl showed that she is a real fighter and her disability did not stop her to become a ballerina. She used a runner blade to do some complicated ballet moves but a real ‘en pointe’ prosthetic would surely enhance her movements.

Loving Dad

So Christopher Hope sought help from the social media users to help his daughter to get an ‘en pointe’ prosthetic. “Can anyone help? Can you make our 15yo amputee daughter a prosthetic leg with the foot fixed in the pointe shape so she can do pointe work on it?” Hope wrote on his post.

Here are some of the comments:

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