Poor Man w/ 2 PWD Kids & Bedridden Wife Receives New Bicycle

Poor Man w/ 2 PWD Kids & Bedridden Wife Receives New Bicycle

INSPIRING STORY – A poor man with two disabled kids and bedridden wife received a new bicycle from kind-hearted individuals.

A 59-year-old man identified as Jerry Lito Trinidad is working as a welder to earn money to provide the necessities of his family. He has a bedridden wife and two Persons with Disability children.

Tatay Jerry is using a bicycle to reach his workplace wherein he is working as a welder. He has still the capacity to work and feed his family until a fire devastated his house in Sampaloc, Manila last September 30, 2020.

Poor Man

The fire also damaged his welding equipment and his bicycle that serves as his service vehicle to work. The poor man and his family are currently residing at a day-care center together with other fire victims.

Trinidad’s niece Nicole Alegria posted his plead on social media asking for help to acquire a bicycle so he could return to his welding job.

“Unang Hirit’s” Ligtas Padyak program gives a surprise for Tatay Jerry and hive him a brand new bike because of his dedication and hard work. Aside from a brand new bicycle, he also received a helmet, lights, and a reflective vest.


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