Kind Lady Buys Food for Poor Kid & Its Mother Begging for Something to Eat

Inspiring Photos of Kind Lady Who Buys Food for Poor Kid and Its Mother Begging for Something to Eat Earn Praises Online

A kind lady earned praises online after buying food for a poor kid and its mother who were begging for something to eat.

A Facebook user named Jewel Calerio has shared the photo of a kind woman who helped a hungry boy and its mother begging for something to eat along the street. The post garnered various reactions from the social media users.

Calerio said that a kid asked her for food while they were waiting for their order. The young boy said that he and his mother would share for the meal she would give. The kid asked for food instead of money.

Kind Lady

While waiting for the order, Jewel heard the kid talking to another kid saying that if he becomes wealthy he would help the less-fortunate people. Calerio was moved after hearing the conversation of two kids.

After receiving the food, the young boy repeatedly expressed his gratitude towards the kind lady who gave him food. She also urged the public to help and share their blessings towards the less-fortunate people.

Here is the full post:

This kid approached us while we are waiting for our food to be served.

Kid: Ate, Bili mo po ako pagkain hati na kami ni mama.

Kurt: Asan mama mo?

Kid: Andun po sa tabi ng Mini Stop.

Me: Anong gusto mo?

Kid: Isang order lang po, hati na kami ni mama.

Tpos while waiting sa food na order namin sabi nya sa kasama nyang bata.

‘andameng tao ngayon noh? Pag ako naging mayaman, TUTULUNGAN KO LAHAT NG MAHIRAP’.

Nakakatuwa lang, he never asked for money, tapos nag kkwento sya kung saan sya lumaki, na matagal na syang nanlilimos, kaso pinaalis sila. He thank us for so many times, as in kada mapatingin sya samin nag tthank you sya.

Nakakataba ng puso, mas masarap mag share ng blessings sa mga ganitong tao.

May Godbless you and answer your prayers, I hope to see you helping more soon.

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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