Mother Dog Saving Her Puppy From Floodwaters Goes Viral

Mother Dog

Heartbreaking Photo of Mother Dog Who Saved Her Puppy From Floodwaters Breaks Hearts of Netizens The heartbreaking photo of a mother dog saving her puppy from floodwaters goes viral and earns reactions from the netizens. Nowadays, dog is considered as one of the most popular animals in various regions worldwide. They are dubbed as “Man’s … Read more

Skinny Beggar Feeding Stray Dogs Amid Poverty Goes Viral

Skinny Beggar

Skinny Beggar Earns Praises Online After Feeding Stray Dogs Despite Poverty The video footage of a skinny beggar feeding stray dogs amid experiencing extreme poverty goes viral after it was posted online. A Twitter user named Susanta Nanda IFS has shared the inspiring photos of a skin-and-bones beggar feeding stray dogs despite poverty. The video … Read more